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For best results we suggest using:
Lubriderm Lotion.  DO NOT USE Neosporin or scented lotions. Only water based lotions.

    *Liquid antibacterial hand-soap. We recommend Softsoap Brand.

  • Keep the bandage on for the next 2 hours.
    WHY:  Your tattoo is a fresh wound and will be bleeding/weeping.  It also should not come in contact with any bacteria (hands, couches, clothes, etc.)

  • With clean hands, remove the bandage and gently wash your tattoo with a lather of water and antibacterial soap.  DO NOT SCRUB!!!  Gently dry tattoo with a disposable paper product (NOT cloth towels, they carry bacteria.)

  • Keep your tattoo clean by washing with antibacterial soap gently every couple hours. Lotion is not to be applied until 24 hours.


  1. Wash with antibacterial soap 1-2 times a day.
    WHY:  Your tattoo is an open wound and is susceptible to infection from many outside factors (jobs, pets, other people, etc).  Regular washing will help safeguard against bacteria that can lead to infection.

  2. Apply Lotion anytime your tattoo is dry.  As many times per day as needed (at least 2-3 times) to keep your tattoo moisturized at all times.

  • Avoid tight shirts, tight pants, bra straps, shoes or socks on your tattoo until healed. 

WHY:  Doing so can tear off scabs, make it difficult to keep your tattoo moisturized and to let it breathe.


  • DO NOT Soak or smother your tattoo in standing water or lotions.

No submerging the tattooed area in lakes, oceans, pools, hot tubs or baths, and avoid overusing lotions.
WHY:  Your tattoo should be able to breathe at all time. Apply small amounts of lotion. We are moisterizing, not layering this.


  • Refrain from tanning until healed



EXPECT: Your tattoo to feel like a sunburn, bruise, be tender, be slightly red/swollen for up to a week. Just be aware of it.  Moisturizing, Advil and wearing soft, looser clothes can help reduce discomfort.


EXPECT: Ink/Fluids to weep out of the tattoo. This is normal for up to a week.  We suggest wearing junky clothes to bed for the first few nights to avoid ink stains on your sheets and clothes.

EXPECT: Your tattoo to scab or flake. The flaking is NOT your tattoo falling out, it's only dead skin falling away (like a sunburn). Be sure not to pick, pull or rub off any of this skin (especially scabs) as it can pull out ink unnecessarily.

EXPECT: Your tattoo to be shiny/milky after the skin has scabbed/flaked. Once the scabbing/flaking period is over, new skin is still healing.  It may be shiny or milky looking which can dull colors for a few weeks after flaking.  Once it no longer has a sheen to it it's considered healed. 

EXPECT:Your tattoo to itch!!!!

DO NOT scratch at it!!!!  You can pull out ink by itching during the scabbing/flaking period and risk infection from bacteria under your nails.  
Slap it (gently) if it itches!


EXPECT: Your tattoo to lighten by 2-3 Shades. As your tattoo heals a layer of skin will form over the ink, hence a dulling of colors since the ink now needs to show through that layer of skin.


  **It's very important that you clean your tattoo (and your hands) regularly with antibacterial soap!

⦁    MOST COMMON CAUSE OF INFECTION: applying lotion without washing your hands first (you've touched money, door knobs, animals, other people, used the bathroom, etc) and not washing the tattoo (or yourself) regularly.
⦁    pet hair and dirty bed sheets
⦁    dirty jobs (any job where you regularly handle money or have direct contact with the public, greasy kitchens, childcare or teaching, factory work, animal work, etc.)
⦁    Scratching the tattoo (fingernail

bacteria, ew!)
⦁    Swimming in pools, lakes, rivers, hot tubs during the 2-3 week healing period (they are loaded with bacteria).



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